Redemption - My 2011 DC VGC Story

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Newark 2010 was a failure for me. My first time in Seniors and I ran from a battle in R3. I made my mom swear on every dead Italian relative we have that we could go to more than one qualifier in 2011. I walked dogs, ran errands for neighbors and saved every penny for my Poke-fund to allow us to travel. 350-something days later and we were on our way to Washington, DC.

After the 5 hour drive we got to our hotel. There were already people in the lobby playing pokemon and going over strategies. There were alot of juniors and I figured it was my chance to help out some kids, the way people have helped me. I met a kid named Nikko and I stayed up until 11:30 p.m. helping him fix some things with his team. He made the loss of sleep worthwhile when I saw him the next day and he was beaming ear to ear after making it 3 rounds.

I got on line at 6:00 a.m. and the line was already pretty long. The time went fast and I ate breakfast standing up and talking with Dimsun and some of the juniors. They lump us all together in the line and its hard to tell who is in what division.

The Battles (what I remember of them)

1st round: Hydreigon, Eelectross, Braviary, Volcarona - Rockslides and 2 - 1HKOs helped me win this one.

2nd round: Whimscott, Terrakion, Braviary and something else. Rockslide served me well again and i got 2 more 1HKO's in the round.

Round 3 - hardest round of the day. Only girl I faced. Coming off of all the OHKOs I had in the previous battles, I wasn't ready to need 3 turns to get rid of her leads. She brought out Carracosta Reuniculus and turned a TR. I finished with a half HP Jelli and 11 HP on my Scrafty. I sweat during this one.

Finalist Lounge - get to relax a little, grab a bite to eat and check on how the juniors are doing. Most I met made it 2-3 rounds and were happy.

Top 8:

Strangest match of the day - I don't even remember what this guy had - all I remember is him having his last 2 pokemon out while I had 3. He yelled "I will go down, but not by your hands!" He proceeded to exploded LOL. My scrafty survived with 2 HP. Thanks dude.

Top 2:

I was hoping to face Cybertron in the finals. We met at my very first VGS in 2008 and he is a great player and a great friend. The battle is up for everyone to see so I don't need to go into details. I lost - but my friend Aaron won. The loss didn't bother me at all. I lost to a great friend and a great player who deserved to win. I hope we have many more years competing together.

Way back in 2008


- getting to see some states I have never been to
- Seeing all the Ducks
- Winning a 3DS
- Playing a good friend in the finals
- Not running


- Getting a call 30 minutes after I won telling us that my Nana Del had passed away. She was like my grandma and she knew how much I loved Pokemon. I won't get to show her my medal, but I like to think that she watched me win from the front row in heaven.
- DC traffic
- Not getting to meet CO


- Having someone come up to me right after I won to tell me what I did wrong and how I screwed up the final battle. Dude, you must be alot of fun at parties.


I owe a Jersey Shore Ocean of thanks to:

Skarm, Andrea, CO and Articuno64 - without you guys I wouldn't have made it. Period, end of story.

Duy - because he is Duy and he is awesomeness personified!

Huy - for putting up with me being a pain and always, always, always helping out and coming through. I have looked up to you since I met you.

Zerowing - For seeing something in me and taking me in as a duckling. For making me strive to be the best that I can be. For helping me stand on my own, but never being too far away to catch me if I need it. I hope I made you proud.

To all the Ducks! Love 'em, hate 'em or fear ' is beyond awesome to be one!!!!


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Congrats, Vincent! You did an amazing job and we're all so proud to have you on board the Ducks. =) Quack quack quack see you in Indy! ^_^
Congratz man! Great warstory, friend vs friend in the finals, that is awesome. Sorry for your loss though :( she was watching you every step of the way. Thought and prayers with your family.


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So glad to see you do well Vince. You put in a ton of work and to see it pan out for you is great. I hope you win this week in Newark, I will be rooting for you. Can't wait to see you and your mom in Indy.
Vince, my man. Honor battling you in the finals and hanging out with you in general, had a blast talking and chilling with you! You better win this weekend :) (And man, we look so different from 3 years ago lol)

Oh yeah, see you at Newark :D


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Congrats Vince! It was great seeing you do so well like old times in 08!
Nice read bro! Saw the battle against Cybertron in Top 2 and it was some pretty good stuff. Nice read and I look forward to talking and hanging with you at Nationals in Indy. GO FOREIGNERS! ^___^
You are very respectful Vince helping others giving back. Shows alot of character. If your with cyber at newark ill prob see ya guys.
See that kid in the fake Ed Hardy shirt in the 08 picture? That's me ;)

BUT DUDE, AMAZING JOB GETTING TOP 2 :D oh man, I can't wait to see you and Aaron in Newark Saturday! It would be awesome if you and I can meet in the finals on Saturday! Also, congrats on being a Duck bro, you deserve it :)
great read bro, it's nice to see how much you, aaron and rayad have grown since vgs in 08 congrats on your placing i hope to see you in the finals yet again this weekend!
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